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"Leading exceptional travel programs to unique destinations worldwide"

Since 1978 my professional tour & travel director career encompasses vast international & domestic experience in multiple aspects of corporate and leisure travel, managing comprehensive tour & travel programs and leading clients on journeys spanning 6 continents, 60 countries, and the majority of USA States - by air, motorcoach, cruise ship, small ship, river cruise, rail. 


The journeys began following college graduation in California when I lived in Latin America studying Spanish and teaching English as a second language. It was there that my passion for travel and learning about other cultures first blossomed. After certification from the International Tour Management Institute (ITMI) in 1978, I launched my professional tour director career with a passion for sharing the world with others.  

I am often asked about some of my favorite tour & travel destinations. This question usually leads to sharing about Thailand, Machu Picchu, New Zealand, Turkey, African safaris, Switzerland, Vancouver, the Canadian Rockies, and Latin America in general. I am also taken with emerging countries I’ve led tour programs to such as Vietnam & Cambodia, Myanmar, and China beginning in 1982. It's never a short conversation. The journey is the destination.

I've led hundreds of  tour & travel programs to the following  destinations over 44 years





Hong Kong








South Korea


Puerto Rico









New Zealand


Tahiti / French Polynesia


Trans Canada


Canadian Rockies


Victoria B.C.


Costa Rica







Majority of States







Irrawaddy River (Myanmar)

Trans-Pacific Cruise





Victoria B.C.

U.S. Virgin Islands

Grand Cayman

Panama Canal


Trans Canada by train

Eastern & Oriental Express

Canadian Rockies by train

California Zephyr

Alaska Rail





Czechoslovakia (former)



















U.S.S.R. (former)

Yugoslavia (former)

Tour & Travel Career Highlights

* 44-year tour & travel director career worldwide. 

* Awarded 'Tour Manager of the Year' (client-rated #1 worldwide) for Maupintour,  a deluxe international tour operator.

* Led deluxe educational and alumni group tour programs designed for the memberships of prestigious educational and cultural organizations (museums, colleges, universities) facilitating dignitaries, study leaders, scholars, scientists, and naturalists. 

* Led People-To-People Citizen Ambassador tour programs providing educational travel experiences through seminars and cultural activities where delegation participants connect with their professional counterparts around the world. 

* Selected to operate unique & challenging tour programs (e.g. U.S.S.R. & Eastern Europe pre-1989, China (since 1982), Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam, Africa safaris, and launch deluxe inaugural tours (e.g. Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong). 

Led Rotary International tour programs (Bangkok, Singapore, Eastern Oriental Express). 

* Led numerous sea and river cruise programs worldwide.

* Worked extensively on corporate meeting, convention & incentive travel programs.

* As Operations Manager, responsible for the production, operation, and maintenance of 50+ annual group tours and cruises worldwide for a prestigious adventure tour operator. 

* Presenter - travel shows, sales presentations.

Client Survey Comments

"...My fondest expectations were met on the trip. The overpowering beauty of the area so adequately covered was complemented by your superior choice of a director and guide, Chuck Denny - a most knowledgeable, most empathetic human being - who in the course of 8 days succeeded in bonding together 28 strangers from all walks of life and from all parts of the USA and Europe, into a circle of lasting friendship. I shall not hesitate to recommend your tour company to my many friends for many of your other ventures."

- Most gratefully and sincerely yours, P. Freeman


"Thank you for all your help in making my trip to Africa a memorable experience.  Like most people who do a really great job, you make it all look easy, even when it's not." -Thanks, Don


"I am one of your most delighted clients, Joseph Commette. I just returned from your New York City tour and wanted to write you right away about the FANTASTIC adventure your company provided. Of particular note was the excellent work done by Chuck Denny. I have traveled with him before and he is truly a gem of a tour director and guide. His behind the scenes work before, during, and after each day’s adventure is really to be commended. I think I can speak for the entire 24 fellow travelers that we were very impressed with his dedication and the extra effort he took to make this experience so wonderful. CHUCK IS AMAZING AND CERTAINLY REPRESENTS YOUR COMPANY IN THE BEST MANNER POSSIBLE. THANKS ESPECIALLY TO HIM FOR HIS OUTSTANDING SERVICE. I look forward to future travels with Chuck.” - Respectfully, Dr. Joseph Commette USN Retired (AFC Vacations)


"I have just returned from a magnificent tour of Vancouver and the Canadian Rockies with the alumni associations of Harvard, UCLA, and Northwestern. The trip was led by Chuck Denny. I have made several trips with Harvard’s Alumni Association and this is one of the best that I have taken, thanks to Chuck’s very capable and friendly direction and assistance. Congratulations on a splendid itinerary and a crew of outstanding professionals to lead the trip. I will look forward to further offerings from your organization. Chuck, thanks again for our wonderful trip!"                    – Roberta L. Warren, Ed.D.


“Considerate, well organized, in control, fair, the best personality, low key but always available.”


“The Best! Always there to help with questions, etc. Actually he did more than you would expect from a Tour Manager.”


"My wife and I thank you and your organization for facilitating a wonderful September trip across Canada, by train. We particularly compliment you on the highest of professional performance exhibited by our Tour Director (aka "Mother") Chuck Denny. Our every need was anticipated and met, every detail was attended to, every transaction was confidently handled, and every interaction was the warmest. Clearly, Chuck has set the Gold Standard for your company and his profession! We look forward to future travel with Chuck Denny." 

- Robert A.Sayles


“4 tour guides, 4 bus drivers, 4 airports customs and immigration staffs, 4 hotel staffs, plus 27+1 individuals, some physically (and some socially) limited, and he made it seem as though he were essentially relaxed with little to do. You have a “young” gold mine.”

(SE Asia Maupintour)


"I just returned from your 5-star Ultimate Canyonlands tour with Chuck Denny. What a wonderful experience I had. The tour was so well managed by Chuck....what I really want to convey to you is the performance of Chuck. He was constantly at work to see that all ran smoothly and that we were entertained on those long coach rides between the parks. Because of his constant communications with hotels, restaurants, and local guides along the way, all events came off with no delay or disruption. The man is a dedicated professional who represents your company well. With Chuck Denny and your excellent office staff, I know I have found the best company in the business." - Joseph Commette


"Chuck, you made our tour just perfect! We cannot imagine a better tour manager. Thanks for all your thoughtfulness and kindness. If you're ever in our area, please call."

- David & Marcie


"Thank you for being so nice and making our trip so wonderful. From 1 to 10 we give you a 10 ++++. Hope we get to be on a trip in the future with you."


“Best manager of our 21 tours”


"We have been on many tours, many with good guides. Chuck was the best we ever had.

(SE Asia Maupintour)


“Very professional and people oriented. Always thinking and caring about people on his tour. Would like to travel with him again. Very experienced.” (South Pacific tour)


“I knew from the moment he introduced himself that he was going to be a fabulous director.”


"Pete and I will look forward to another tour, but only if you are the Tour Manager."

- Pete & Fran Peracchio


"Chuck Denny did a great job for me in Austin! We had some problems with the venue, but Chuck was always quick to come up with a workable solution. He does a great job and I wanted to make sure you knew how pleased I was to work with him again. Chuck has a great personality and he fit right in with the Compaq SEs and Product Marketing folks. He was very professional and cordial to our customers. I highly recommend Chuck for any program. Thanks for all your help making this program very successful for Compaq. Again, thanks for the great service - I don't know what I would do without you!" - Lisa Lichtenwalter , Area Marketing Manager, Compaq Computer Corporation


“Outstanding in every way. Patient, kind, organized, informed. I could go on and on. He was just wonderful.”


“A superb Tour Manager and a great credit to your company.”


“What did you like best about this tour? “Chuck Denny.”


“Chuck Denny was a notch or two above other Tour Directors I have traveled with.”


“Chuck made my trip stress-free. Appreciated his good nature. He is very knowledgeable about Australia and New Zealand.”


“Chuck was probably the best Tour Director we’ve ever had. In a calm, quiet, yet humorous manner he kept things running smoothly.”


(What did you like best about this tour?) “The very fine attention time our manager gave us. The little added info was so helpful in enjoying the whole trip. He took the work right out of the whole thing. Chuck gave us very good ideas for our free time. They proved very valuable” (SE Asia)


“10+“Chuck was low key but completely in charge of each situation – a feeling of relaxation and security for us, the traveler.”


“Perfect Tour Manager. Can handle anything thrown at him. Kind, caring, knowledgeable – a Pro.”


"I have traveled all over the world, and Chuck Denny has been the most considerate of any other Tour Manager.”

Professional References

"I have had the privilege of knowing Mr. Chuck Denny since 1985, and working with him during my 16 years as Director of Tour Managers at Maupintour, Inc. Chuck was always a true professional, honest and considerate in business and personal matters. He managed his duties as an independent international Tour Manager flawlessly and always brought back satisfied guests. I could count on Chuck to assist in emergency situations and never heard him ask what was in it for him.

Chuck was consistently rated in the Top 10 yearly Tour Manager rating polls, achieving the #1 rating worldwide and Tour Manager of the Year. He has the ability to lead both domestic and international tours with expertise and ease in any region, country, or circumstance with grace and class, including difficult and challenging areas of the world. Chuck was very successful in bringing clients back again and again with expectations exceeded. He had a large alumni following who would travel with him wherever he went. Many comments such as the following were received: “Our every need was anticipated and met, every detail was attended to, every transaction was confidently handled, and every interaction the warmest. Clearly, Chuck has set the Gold Standard for your company and his profession! We look forward to future travel with Chuck Denny.”

Chuck was not only dedicated to his guests, but in assisting other Tour Managers who did not possess his experience. He was always willing to prepare Tour Managers for new destinations and assist office staff in developing new tour areas or revising old itineraries. As a friend, we spent many hours discussing our families and interests in our children. Chuck is dedicated to his family, and treasures the time he is able to spend with them. I have the utmost respect for Chuck, and his ability to balance his home life and his career.

I am very pleased to write this letter and would highly recommend Chuck Denny be given every consideration. You will be well rewarded with him being associated with your company." - Dale Vestal , Former Director of Tour Managers, Maupintour


"I have had the privilege of knowing Chuck Denny for many years and to have him work for AFC Vacations as a Tour Manager since 2015. I highly recommend Chuck for his experience and expertise as a tour manager for both international and domestic tours. Chuck is a “rock star” among Tour Managers. He has all the qualities it takes to operate a fantastic program and bring all the passengers back home really happy. He is extremely organized and prepared, a great story teller, and a superb problem solver. Clients just love him. He has a wonderful way with people and makes them feel safe and appreciated. In summary, you will be very happy you hired Chuck Denny, because he will certainly “deliver the goods” and bring back nothing but happy clients ready to book another tour with you soon." - Randy Case, President and CEO, AFC Vacations


"I hired Chuck to manage the touring division of our travel company. He has a national reputation as an elite Travel Director and consistently receives rave reviews from clients. I found his attention to detail and commitment to projects above what I had expected. He eventually became my right hand in this busy tour operation. Chuck delivers what he promises when he promises it. He has the highest integrity and is a great person to work with. Highly recommended - you will be blessed to work with Chuck." - Daniel T. McManus, former owner of Protocol Travel and World Tours


"I have known Chuck for over 45 years. We attended college together and pursued a mutual interest in travel as a career potential by attending the International Tour Management Institute together. Upon graduation, Chuck immediately connected with some of the most well known and respected tour operators. Within a short period of time he became one of the most revered tour and Travel Directors for these companies. Chuck’s engaging personality, attention to detail, sense of humor, and strong moral values are great strengths that have served him well in this field. Chuck exudes professionalism and enthusiasm and is an asset to any business endeavor he pursues."- Deborah K. Howard, Tour Director

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