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These photos were taken during a quite unexpected adventure on tour in 1996.  We had been trapped on the E&O in Malaysia, between mudslides, going from Singapore to Bangkok, where that evening we were supposed to fly from Bangkok to Myanmar. The train was delayed for hours, we sweated it out not knowing if we would make our  crucial flight connection, plus I had to process some passports at BKK first. Talk about tense and challenging times. In the middle of nowhere, stuck. I worked with the locals (some pics show us in some office a mile down the tracks we walked to) to help arrange getting out of there. Dozens of locals came to our rescue, piled our luggage in trucks, us in a bus, and rushed us to an local airfield where the charter flight we arranged was waiting to fly my wayward group to Bangkok. We made it just in time, connected, and that night landed in Myanmar.

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