Danali area


* 5 storms in 7 days   *   3rd largest snowfall in recorded Austin history   *   Most snow in 72 years   

Coldest temperatures in 32 years (8 & 5 degrees on consecutive mornings)   *   First-ever wind chill Warning ( -10 to -15 )

Dear Midwesterners and Northerners: (from an online post :)

Imagine your 'regular' winter weather. Now take away snow plows, snow shovels, snow clothing. salt trucks, snow tires/chains, basements, antifreeze rated to below 15, all experience driving on snow/ice. 

Now give yourself a total experience level of maybe 200 days across a lifetime of sub-freezing temps. 

We have homes designed to keep you cool. Big windows, reflective roofs and drives. Our heaters are breaking down from overwork. 

We are in danger today. It's scary for some. It's deadly for some. Cool it with the one-upping and just be supportive

Repeat: "This totally sucks! It'll be over soon. You can do it!" That's all we want. Thank you. 

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