Cambodia/Angkor Wat 2004 - manythemiles

Words cannot adequately describe this ancient wonder of the world. Even the "templed-out" were amazed and enthused. A trip of a lifetime!

We will never forget the smoking head monk with his cell phone, nor our excellent local guide Mr. Ly Heng, nor the dance performance just for us at a temple, the temples in the jungle, and certainly not the grandeur and mystery of Angkor Wat itself on a scale that leaves one breathless even if it was 90 degrees and 85% humidity in the shade.

Phnom Penh - we lucked out with a flight delay and got to the Royal Palace, took a walk on the riverfront and a drink at the Foreign Correspondent's Club overlooking it all. A staging point for Angkor Wat, still it was good to visit Cambodia's capitol.

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